About Us: What We Do

RockPrep is a community of Christ-following creative instructors dedicated to helping students discover the creative, develop their gifts and delight in the journey. We offer enrichment classes, privates and groups. Our primary goal is to provide a consistently enjoyable and life-giving learning experience for both students and teachers alike.

We offer on-site enrichment at Grapevine Faith Christian School (GFCS), Accommodated Learning Academy (ALA) and Lake Country Christian School (LCCS) for the following: music, art, acting and dance.


In our experience, students learn best when their learning is an enjoyable journey of discovery and development. Mankind appears to have an insatiable appetite for mystery and intrigue. We endeavor toward excellence in making the journey of discovery an ongoing adventure of demystifying creative technique and skill, yet discovering the deepening mysteries of origination (a.k.a. creation/creativity) and beauty.


Our process of development is fostered through an ongoing process of "pull-push" learning. A favorite analogy goes something like, "It's easier to pull a rope than to push it." While this is true, discovery often occurs through the artful combination of "pulls" and "pushes" (here, "push" is defined as a gentle nudge). Incentive is the key to artful pull-push learning and we endeavor toward ever increasing excellence with all of our staff and students.


On the back of some shampoo bottles, the process of washing your hair is summed up simply as "Rinse, Lather, Repeat!" Our goal is to simplify the  process of skill development in order to leave as much room as possible for making the process of learning creative, fun and exciting. The goal to Delight is what helps students understand that every part of their discovery and development exist in order for them to delight in the execution of their creative gifts.

Our Process